We all know apple just like their collogues has a tradition of releasing new devices annually and they have not failed this year also.

Apple has released their new iPhone which are called XS and iPhone XS Max just following the iPhone X .

These new device are quite expensive costing about $1000usd and avove but the question remains, Do you need them? What can they do that their previous release can’t.

Basically what comes with these new devices every year are higher RAMS, Processor, upgrade on the O.S with some new featuresand better Image quality so why spend so much on a new device.

The iPhone xs and xsmax are the smartest device on the planet at the moment, having 512gig internal memory, 12mp rear camera better-sounding speakers and the ability to pack two SIM cards into one device — a solid perk for international travelers or people who have to switch between a device for work and one for personal use.


There is one major difference between the iPhone XS and XS Max: size. The Max is unquestionably big, but it’s technically the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus. The edge-to-edge screen creates the illusion the device itself is 21% larger than its predecessor, but it’ll fit in your hands just as easily (or not) as older Plus models


Similar to the Galaxy Samsung galaxy S9, the iPhone xs and xsmax has a dual aperture, this means you can snap pictures while the background is blured and low light vision.

Also like the Galaxy s9, the new iPhone comes with an AR Emoji, this feature allows users to create a 3D emoji which would look like them and use for any event, eg such as the Happy, smiling and crying Emojis.

We have to wait till next year and see what samsung has in store for us.