Hello everyone, if you’ve come across this series but not sure yet if you should check it out or if it’ll be worth much then this article is just for you because today we will be giving you 5 Reasons why you should read The world after the fall. In as much we will be giving you reasons to check this webnovel out, we shall also compare it with solo leveling, such as similarities and differences between these two.

The World After the Fall was released in 2018. It is a post-apocalyptic fantasy webnovel, written by a Korean author duo writing under the pseudonym 싱숑, or Sing-Shong in English translation. It was originally written in Korean, but it was translated by an unknown translator on Webnovel. I’ll try and give my opinion on this without spoiling it for you so you can be rest assured of no spoiler while you read.


Jaehwan was a normal person who was buying chips at his local convenience store. Suddenly, weird towers appeared across the globe, summoning people within. Jaehwan accepted the summons, witnessed monsters decimate his homeworld, and prevailed against the 100 levels and their respective boss monsters. At the end, he realized the Tower was an illusion, and that humanity was never destroyed. Now he fights against the people who created the Towers, which are cultivation methods for the Gods and the Lords. As he fights them all, Jaehwan swears to destroy the system and the world that wronged him. Source:The world after the fall wiki.

Reasons why you should read The world after the fall


This story has an apocalyptic theme which the story is built around. As the world is completely destroyed by monster who emerged when towers started appearing across the world which has 100 levels that must be cleared, which according to the tower rules that if the human participants who are summoned clear the tower, the Earth will be saved from the monsters. Apparently as the stories progressed that turned out somehow (no spoiler).


Just like most manhwa, this story has a really huge adventure especially when the MC started to make progress in the tower along with a few others.


The world after the fall is action packed with action even starting from episode one which will keep you hooked while reading. As humanity battle out the monsters to clear the tower, you can be sure you won’t get bored reading this novel/manwha.


You will see as the story progress, there’s so much diversity from the new characters, villains, location and even villains that wi introduced.

Level up System

I know what you might be thinking, solo leveling/overgeared right? Yeah in as my as the MC grows stronger from time to time, it’s not entirely a “press the upgrade button” not saying Grid and Sung Jin woo doesn’t train as well, Jaehwan trains so hard to get stronger and uses precious materials to build he’s weapon.

An example of this is a powerful sword he got which was made from the horn of a really huge and dangerous monster which was said to be almost impossible for just a single person to hunt.

We hope this article was helpful and of you have any questions you can leave them in the comments section.


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