Hello guys, so today we will be discussing Chapter 367 and as well also throw out our little predictions of what to expect in TBATE 368.

This post will contain a few spoilers from TBate 367 and i recommend that you read that so as to understand what our discussions would be about.

The beginning after the end (TBATE) chapter 367 is available for patreon subscribers and I suggest you become part of the community in other to support the creator/author Turtleme for him to continue giving us amazing contents.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s have a quick preview of the previous chapter 367. For patreaon readers you will recall that the chapter ended in a very dramatic scene with so much hype and expectations of what to expect in TBATE 368.

Tbate 368
King Grey

Now here’s a little spoiler for the previous chapter incase you’re yet to catch up. Professor Grey came in contact with the Scythe Seris who saved he’s life from the previous Retainer of Dragoth ‘Uto’ while he was still a Lance in Dicathen.

Awesom yeah???!! So since the previous chapter i been not just excited but also wondering on what we could expect from upcoming TBate 368 and i thought about sharing my idea with you guys.

So far from what we know, scythe Seris is seems like she could be a form of ally to Art and now meeting up am sure she could already guess what Art intentions might be a the victoriad.

It is likely we might see Art declare he’s intentions towards the female scythe and ask her what her true intentions are.

Remember few chapters back Art delcared that he wants to kill a scythe and i believe he’ll be doing that in this victoriad tournament.

As much i believe that Arthur would have no problem pulling it off, I won’t say so about how he would escape or laylow after he’s done that and i believe that’ll be were Seris comes in and help him.

I believe Tbate 368 would explore more about Seris goals and ambition and why she wants to help Arthur.

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Tbate 368 release date?

Unfortunately I and the rest of the Tbate fans across the rest of the globe would have to wait one week longer because Author Turtleme announced that he’ll be taking a week break to rest which is clearly understandable.

Thats all we have for now guys, we will be back again as soon as The beginning after the end TBATE 368 is released to discuss more.

We will love to hear from you so if you have any theories and contribution please leave them in the comments section below and we will definitely get back to them, thanks for reading guys and Happ New Year!


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