It’s here guys and just like any previous chapter The beginning after the end (TBATE) chapter 368 was not different and expect even better from upcoming chapter 369.

One thing i love about how Turtleme does he’s writing is how he always leaves you in suspense and wanting for more. Pls note this post will contain some major spoilers so if you’d prefer not to get spoiled i suggest you stop reading.

Some of the predictions we gave for TBATE chapter 368 were spot on and we will be dropping our own predictions on how chapter 369 could likely play out.

If you are yet to read chapter 368, we will give a little spoiler and suggest you subscribe as patreon member to get the full details when ever new chapters are released.

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One notable scene in the previous chapter was the conversation between Arthur/Grey and Scythe Seris which was the latter asking Arthur to challenge her retainer and after being victorious he should decline the position.

She suggested this to Art in other to send a loud and bold message to Agrona which might likely to draw him out and cause him to make mistakes.

But knowing our boy Art, he declined and said he won’t need to challenge Seris Retainer Cylrit but would still send a bold and clear message to Agrona.

So what is Arthur planning and how would tbate chapter 369 turn out? Well your guess might be as mine as Arthur might challenge a scythe which could probably be Nico or Dragoth or both?

We will need to wait at least 2 or more chapters before that battle challenge. I believe chapter 369 will pick up from where the previous chapter ended with Arthur and Caera arriving back to the staging area and the victoriad tournament beginning.

Although i have a feeling that we might also see how things are progressing over in Dicathen in the upcoming chapter which would be really cool.


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