The beginning after the end TBATE 384 discussion and prediction


Hello everyone we are glad to have you join us as we share with you our prediction for the upcoming The beginning after the end TBATE chapter 384. Please note that this article may contain spoilers from previous chapter just incase you’re yet to read that we suggest you do so to avoid being spoiled but if you don’t mind then go right ahead.

The beginning after the end chapter 384

Tbate Chapter 383 gave us quite a mixed feeling of hope and sadness seeing Arthur arriving and saving the day,and the people already recognising him as a sort of hero/deity and him witnessing the deaths of colleagues and friends such as Feyfey who Arthur meets as a child in the Kingdom of Elenoir and later sees again at Xyrus Academy.

Another death which was even more sad was the death of Rinia who has been a major part of Arthur’s journey since he saved tessia and meet her in elenoir.

With so much tragedy befallen Dicathen, you might be wondering will there be any one left after this war? Will there be any elves left especially? Lol since they’ve been mostly the ones who has suffered mostly. if you ask me that question I’ll say i don’t know but one thing i could say if we follow story is that there’s going to be a change and Art is going to bring that change and a bit fairness to the battle between Agrona and Kezess leaving Dicathen as collateral damage because they have no way of defending themselves against such mighty players.

i believe the beginning after the end chapter 384 will be one of the chapters were author turtleme may begin laying the ground works on how Dicathen may rise from were they are currently. Tbate 384 could likely be a continuity with POv and we may get to see the reunion between the remaining Lances. I wonder how that’ll be..

If indeed chapter 384 continues with Art’s POV, we could see someone else’s POV. Maybe wisdom or one of the Asura reacting to the death of taci.

When will TBATE 384 be released?

The beginning after the end light novel is released weekly on Fridays. patreaon subscribers have access to the latest chapters of tbate. We recommend you become a subscriber to this beautiful story and in so you could support the author of the franchise. If you still have any comments or reaction we will love to hear them and you can leave a comment below.

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