When Natacha Akide was introduced to the world through Big Brother Nigeria, the reality TV star became the center of many online discussions.

She was what Big Brother was looking for: Pepper. But her stint on the show came to an unexpected stop, after a fight between her and the eventually winner, Mercy Eke, propelled her to leave the house the same day.

She went on to do greater things. This is due mainly in part to her fans, who are called “Titans” and have become a social media force, joining the ranks of international fanbases such Nicki Minaj’s the “Barbs”. Because of them, not only has Tacha secured numerous business deals, she also acquired a Benz for a whopping 9.5 million naira on the 23rd of December for her 24th birthday, courtesy of her fans.
Now, she flaunts it well.

Wearing a sexy, revealing outfit with her full legs on display, the celebrity star leans on the body of the car, showing off her curves and her ride as seen below.

Already her fans have given her a new nickname besides from the Queen of the Trident due to her now being a proud Benz owner: Tbenz.

Although Tacha has only one car under her belt at the tender age of 24, we are sure as the year continues to run its course, she will add more to what could be a beautiful fleet of hot wheels.


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