Hey guys how are you all doing? We are glad to always discuss and give you possible predictions and spoilers and we got a whole lot for you this week.

Moving on, we suggest if you are yet to read previous episode please do so by clicking here to avoid major spoilers because we will be discussing previous episode before dropping solo leveling 103 spoilers for you.

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Chapter 102 played out just like we predicted last week, we got to see Sung jin woo arrive at the battle scene and the much anticipated battle began.

Hes arrival brought hope and joy to the people of Korea and well as the Korean hunter president who was happy for he’s arrival.

We also got to see the shocked expressions of the hunters present at the seen when Sung jin woo gave a punch to the ant king that blew him away which made them question if Sung was even a Mage type hunter.

From the previous chapter, it is clear Sung jin woo is world apart from regular S ranks and I bet he could Solo at least 20 S ranks in a battle.

Solo leveling 103 spoilers

Solo leveling chapter 103 will continue from where it left off that is we will see the battle between himself and the Ant king

Jin woo’s identity should be revealed in the next chapter as the tenth rank S Hunter of South Korea.

Solo leveling 103 spoilers
Sung jin woo vs ant king Beru

We will probably be seeing how sung jin woo will be overpowering the Enemy all way round in terms of speed and strength.

And this will make the ant king fear and worry for the first time what kind of human he was fighting.

solo leveling chapter 103 release

If there are no breaks Solo leveling chapter 103 should arrive on Wednesday which is the 22nd of January 2020.

Do not forget to leave your predictions and Suggestions below. See you guys next week. Bye!!


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