Solo leveling episode 78 . How are you guys? Not much discussion this on this week’s chapter as it didn’t come with any action.

In case you haven’t read the chapter click here . to avoid any form of spoiler.

Moving on, this week chapter didn’t had any action but it was interesting to read non the less.

We got to see Lee Min Sung, the famous artist who wants to become a hunter lieing that he wants to be a hunter because he loves the people and will be will to let go of he’s acting carrier just to become a hunter.

As it continued, we saw report breaking out on the hunters official site that the 10th S rank hunter is announced which is non less Sung jin-woo.

Sung jin-woo is classified as an S rank mage hunter probably because of he’s feat to raise over a hundred dead army.

Lee min sung felt embarrassed as no news men paid attention to him any more but all went after Sung jin-woo.

Due to the massive crowd of reporters Tigers guild master beak wanted to help sung sneak past the audience only to me amazed at he’s speed of movement which he couldn’t even follow with he’s eyes.

Beak was left speechless thinking out come sung was this strong compared to the last time he saw him. Before the chapter ended we saw the the tiger’s guild master concluding that Sung jin-woo is stronger than other S rank hunter and he might a unique hunter that grows continuously.

Oh and least i forget, it was also mentioned that there are hunters who is above the S ranks, who are called ‘Nation Hunters’ . An image of these nations hunters was shown but thier faces wasn’t shown.

There were 5 nation hunters from the image we saw and I’m sure jin-woo would be recognized too as one.

What did you liked about this week manwha ? Solo leveling episode 78 Drop your comments and suggestion for upcoming chapeters below. Arigato!

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