Incase incase you probably missed episode 74 you can quickly catch up to avoid spoilers because we will be talking about last week episode a bit.

So last week we saw sung jin woo battling and also having an upper hand against the high PRC forces and the sorcerer. Episode 74 ended with sung jin woo damaging one of the eyes of the high PRC sorcerer.

So what can we expect from solo leveling 75? Although as of now no official spoilers has been dropped but we cab guess that the battle will be coming to an End as the vice president who is also an S rank should arrive at the scene.

With both thier powers combined, i feel the vice president will battle and wipe out the high orc army while Jin woo battles The sorcerer one on one which may not give him much problem as he had already injured he’s left eye and broke he’s defence shield.

That is it for now friends, please don’t forget to drop your thoughts. Tell us what you think, and we will be glad to get back to you.


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