Hello everyone we are very much delighted to have you join us again as we shall be covering the upcoming events of solo leveling chapter 146. solo leveling 146 will be packed filled with lots of actions and excitements.

In the next chapter of solo leveling fans will finally see their number one Hero go head to head with a national level hunter Thomas Adre, But before we jump in on what we might expect on solo leveling 146, lets have a quick recap on the previous episode.


Solo leveling chapter 145 saw Sung jin woo arriving at the hideout where hes vice captain Yoo Jin-Ho is held captive and immiediatly tried to heal him using a potion which prove ineffective. Annoyed by the subordinates of Hwang Dongsu who refuses to heal Yoo Jin-Ho, Jin woo gave them a beating along side Hwang Dongsu before the Arrival of Thomas Andre.

On Arrival Thomas Requested that Sung jin woo let go of hes subordinate (Hwang Dongsu) but sung refused which provoked the national level hunter to the point of him taking a decision to kill sung.

The chapter then came to a conclusion after sung and Thomas clashed which sent Thomas bursting through the walls with both Guild captains ready to go all out.

solo leveling chapter 146
Sung jin woo

What to expect from solo leveling 146?

Like you may already be aware of, solo leveling chapter 146 will continue with the battle between Hunter Sung jin woo and Thomas Andre. In the next chapter we will see how surprised Thomas is after seeing sung summon powerful High ranks monsters.

Thomas Feeling Surprised at this feat will also not be able to hide he’s joy seeing there is a worthy opponent before him. Before things get more serious he made a last gesture that sung should apologize and he will let him go which sung turned down provoking the national hunter to go full mode into battle mode.

The Ahjin Guild(summons) clashed with the Scavenger Guild which resulted in a full scale battle. Sung tried to pierce Thomas with the “Demons king shortsword” which but couldn’t get past Thomas skin surprising Sung before he took a hit from Thomas.

Hopefully we may see Thomas Andre transform in the next chapter into something more powerful after sung gave him a punch that sent him flying the second time and as well caused him to spit out blood. chapter 146 may come to a close when the Hunter Bureau with Adam white arrive at the battle location.

Solo leveling 146 Release Date

Solo leveling is released wednesdays weekly, so we should expect chapter 146 to arrive the last day of this month which is on the 31st of march. If you love this manwha you can support the creators by buying hard copies when they are released from online stores.

Thats all we have for you now, if have and questions please drop them in the comment section below as we will be delighted to share our thought with you!!.. See you next week .


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