Hello guys been a while, we apologise for the long break due to some technical issues but we are very much glad to be back for good. so today like we usually do, we will be discussing the future events of SOLO LEVELING chapter 132.

Although the official spoilers are yet to be released Please note that this post will contain major spoilers for solo leveling chapter 132 from the light novel. Before we proceed to discuss the up coming chapter lets have a quick review of chapter 131.


You will recall that solo leveling chapter 131 kicked off with the hunters who went into the C Rank double dungeon to assist Sung jin-woo started coming out of the gate with injuries and fatalities with about 20 confirmed dead prompting chief of the monitoring division Woo jin-Cheol to ask Sung jin-woo how he knew it was a double dungeon which he answered that the dungeon summoned him just before Sung collapsed.

The scene then shifted to Yuri Orlov who is attempting to seal the S rank gate that is about opening in the middle of Tokyo japan. Sung wakes up three days later in the hospital after falling unconscious and ask Jin-Ho what the outcome of the Japanese saga which jin-ho confirmed that Yuri was unable to baricade the gate which lead to a dungeon break.

sung jin-woo

Solo Leveling 132 Spoilers

What will happen in solo leveling 132?

Chapter 132 of Solo leveling will most likely kick off with the Japan dungeon break saga with the American Hunter Bureau mobilizing its agent from the asian branch office to access the ongoing situation in Japan.

After the dungeon break Tokyo Japan has been reduced to nothingness. with no traces of corpses either because the giants that emerged from the gate were already eating the human remains.

We will see the Giant type monster who destroyed the barrier that Yuri Orlov created still standing close to the Gate while the other giants that emerged from the had gone separate ways all across japan destroying everything in their path with only two of the giants that had been succesfully killed. Solo leveling chapter 132 will likely end with the chapter panel shifting to sung jin-woo after succesfully completing hes daily training routine.

Solo Leveling 132 Release Date

Solo leveling is usually released Wednesdays weekly, hence chapter 132 of solo leveling should be arriving on the 23rd of December if there are no unexpected breaks or delay.

Where can i read Solo leveling? if you are new to this manwha and would love to give it a try, i recommend you read from the official solo leveling websites. All solo leveling chapters are available on Kakao Page Magazine.

Thats all we have for now. we will be updating this post as soon as we get the official spoilers so stay tuned and check back on us.


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