Hello everyone, we’re glad to have you with us as we shall be having a run down on possible events that may occure in Solo Leveling Chapter 122.

Today we will take a look at the possible Spoilers from the light novel so if you know you preferred not to get spoiled then i suggest you wait for the official release of Solo Leveling 122.

We will also be providing you with informations regarding the release date and where you can read Solo leveling from Officially.

Solo leveling sung jin woo
Sung Jin-Woo

If you’re new to Solo leveling, The Manwha is currently on it’s second season and it tells a story of the journey of a boy who was regarded as the world’s weakest Hunter to the world strongest Hunter. You can learn more about the Manwha by Clicking Here. Before we discuss about Solo leveling chapter 122, let’s have a quick Summary on the previous episode.


Chapter 121 began with members of the Knight Guild admiring the strength of Beru having defeated the Arch Lich without much effort. This prompted the Knight Guild master Park Jong-Soo along side with he’s Deputy to suggest teaming up with Sung Jin-woo to establish he’s guild noting that it will be impossible for him to establish he’s guild with fuffiling the minimum head count.

The panel then shifted to Hunter Association chairman Gun Hui requesting sung to please remain in South Korea as the number of gates has started to increase and they may not be able to survive if he should leave.

Solo leveling

Sung accepted on the condition he should be allowed to establish he’s guild and clear high rank gates with the regulatory minimum headcount which the chairman assured him of fuffiling. The chapter then came to a conclusion when the Hunter Association chairman was able to convince the panel that Sung Jin-woo should be exempted from the minimum headcount.

Solo Leveling 122 Spoilers

Solo leveling chapter 122 will most likely kickoff with Sung Jin-woo along with the deputy of the Ah-jin Guild Yu Jin-Ho about going into an A rank gate that had just appeared.

Before sung could begin he’s first official Solo raid, he’s shadows were examined by hunters monitoring divition chairman Woo Jin-Cheol to make sure they meet the requirements which to he’s suprise the shadows were more than qualified as they were mostly A ranks and B.

After confirming that they were more than qualified for the raid, sung along with Yu Jin-Ho and Monitoring divition chairman Woo Jin-Cheol stepped into the Gate with woo jin-cheol stating he is only there to observe.

The chapter should see the end of the raid with Woo Jin-Cheol returning back to report to the Hunter Association chairman on how it went and how incredible Jin’s Solo raid were. We may see Sung Level up in Solo leveling 122

Solo Leveling 122 Release Date

The solo leveling Manwha is released Wednesdays weekly. Chapter 122 as long there are no delays or breaks should be available to read on the 7th of October and fans can read from Official Solo Leveling websites. You can do well also buy buying hard copies of solo leveling to support the creators of this incredible piece of Manwha.

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