Solo leveling 120: Welcome everyone, so last chapter just like we predicted we got to see Sung arriving just in time to save Jin-Ah and how the Knight Guild proceeded to clear the guild after Sung Left them with Beru in he’s place.

Sung Jin-woo arrived just in nick of time Before Jin-Ah could be hurt and and with a forocious look, he warned Guroktaru who is the leader is the invading Orcs to Shut up and wait.

No doubt clearly solo leveling chapter 120 will be a straight up massacring for them. From what we could gather The spoilers for Solo leveling 120.

Sung Jin woo

Solo Leveling 120 Spoilers

  • After Sung Jin-Woo confirmed Jin-Ah was okay, he asked the shadow protecting her to escort the students who were still alive outside the school premises and left Jin-Ah’s protection to Igris.
  • While the students were being taken out of the school, Guroktaru silently ordered some of he’s men to go after the students which Jin-Woo was aware but didn’t.bother because Igris is with the students
  • Guroktaru was surprised thay Sung could speak and understand them as well
  • Guroktaru as to save his pride ordered he’s forces to attack Sung Jin-Woo but that ended quickly as sung moved with amazing speed and finished them in a second.
  • We’ll see Guroktaru beg and cry for Mercy from sung after he was asked why they get pleasure killing humans but he answered that the voice in thier head keep asking them to kill all humans

Solo leveling chapter 120 may come to a conclusion with the Knight Guild who are still clearing the dungeon along side Beru.

Solo leveling is released Wednesdays weekly hence chapter 120 will be arriving on the 23rd of September 2020. Fans can read the latest chapter from Official Solo leveling websites.


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