A whole lot went down in solo leveling chapter 106 and we hope to see more exciting events even in chapter 107.

After the Ant king has been summoned, we saw him prostrated to he’s new master requesting for a name. After seeing he’s sung was able to confirm that the ant king was indeed stronger that he’s other resurrected soldiers.

The new summon is able to speak which greatly intrigued Sung jin-woo which him asked how he’s able to do so and also why he is loyal to him even after he was the one who killed him.

The ant king response that he was dead but actually reborn by Sung’s power and he feels happiness deep within.

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After this response the ant king, Sung decided to give him a name ‘ Beru’ which is from a novel which was titled ‘The Ants’.

When Sung decided to Summon the ant Queen, he’s connection to the rest ants summon became weak. Beru then explained that the Ant Queen normal ability was to control the ants. Sung decided to cancel the summon after seeing the ant queen magic has decreased.

The chapter came to close after Sung confirmed the total number of ants remaining were about 4000 and asked if Beru could handle them on he’s on you can be sure he said yes.

Solo leveling 107 spoilers

Goh Gun-Hui should finally show face in solo leveling 107 as well as the rest party who departed with chopper.

We should see Beru tidying up the remaining Ants too in the next chapter.

Where To Read Solo Leveling Chapter 107 Online?

You can read chapter 107 of solo leveling from Official websites or from Viz or Mangatail.

You can Support the creators by buying the magazine when released. Solo leveling chapter should probably arrive 26th of Feb if there are no unforseen breaks or events.


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