Welcome back guys, hope you guys enjoyed previous chapter of Solo leveling. This week we will be discussing and as well dropping spoilers for solo leveling chapter 105.

Before we drop our predictions for chapter 105, we’d like to have a quick recap on the previous chapter.

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Solo leveling 104 picked up from where it left off last week. In chapter 104 We got to see a head on Collision Between Sung’s summon vs the ants that where called by the Ant king.

Both the ant king and the Korean hunters present at the scene where left in shock after they witnessed the might of Tusk who used a skill ‘Hymn of fire drake/dragon’ to destroy the whole ants present.

This made the ant king scared and wanted to flee from the battle but was quickly intercepted by Sung jin woo who used ‘ Dominators reach‘ to pull him down and then finished him off with the ‘critical chain’

Solo leveling chapter 105

The chapter then came to an end when Sung jin-woo attempted to heal Cha-in by utilizing the ability of Byung’gu who had died earlier on by making him he’s shadow.

Solo leveling chapter 105 spoilers

Solo leveling chapter 105 should continue from where it left off as we will see Sung finally through the help of Byung’gu able to heal Cha-in from point of death.

We will see Sung attempt to wipe out the whole ants present in Jeju Island in chapter 105 and also likely get to see The Japanese hunter Association President Matsumoto Shigeo and how he is reacting to the incident after losing several Rank S hunter.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post as we enjoyed writing. Don’t forget to leave your comments and Suggestions below, have a good day/night.


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