When is Solo Leveling 97 release?

Solo leveling 97 should be arriving 11th December but before then let’s talk about the previous chapter 96. If you are yet to read solo leveling 96 click here.

Solo leveling 96 Discussions

Chapter 96 started off with the hunters going on a full scale attack and naming the ants signals they use to communicate with the queen.

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Choi Jong-in lead the way to locate the Queen using he’s flame techniques. The scene then change with Sung jin-woo completing he’s daily task provided by the system saying there’s no need to watch the raid as the team handling the raid is more than capable of handling it.

The extermination team then located the breeding grounds where ant eggs where located, noting a particular egg that was hatched bigger than every other.

It later got intense when the hunters outside where killed in seconds with thier heads gone.

Possible Solo leveling 97 spoilers and predictions

Solo leveling 97 spoilers

Wow wow , where should I start!!!! The previous chapter was amazing. Solo leveling 97 is going to be amazing


So chapter 97 we may get to see the ant that was able to get rid of the hunters. We may also get to see the reactions from the hunters as well as the whole world watching and sung jin woo too.

My thoughts are is this even a royal guard ant because if not and there are more stronger ones then the hunters are all dead. And if a guard is this strong then what about the Queen her self?

I believe the ant Queen is even stronger than the demon king that Sung jin woo fought earlier.

I’m really excited to see what will come next, if you are excited too please leave your comments and predictions below!


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