Solo leveling 96 is just around the corner and before we dive there let’s quickly do a recap of the previous chapter 95.

We see many battle destroyer ships in chapter 95 coming from China and Taiwan trying to flank the Jeju island, while Hyeng Nim was present on one of the battleship along with he’s crew as they are to eliminate any ants that escapes Jeju island.

As the story progressed we saw hunters positioned near neighboring cities just incase some ants where to survive and escape to the cities.

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We saw a cameraman also followed in the raid in other to broadcast the situations live.

The show down finally started with Goto as the leader of the Alpha squad, followed by Bravo, Charlie and Delta squads. A magical attack was launched by the Japanese Hunters and we saw the aunts going on the attack.

Chapter 96 ended with the S rank hunter making thier move towards the Queen.

Possible Solo leveling 96 spoilers and Predictions

My prediction this week is going to be simple. With the chapter 95 ended, I think and we expect to see the hunters advance a bit more before they are going to meet with a very difficult challenge or enemies.

I honestly think the first ant that attack were mere soldiers and as chapter 96 should advance, stronger ants would arrive to give the hunters a good battle

I’m still not quite sure how this Jeju island raid will play out and if it will have any connection with Sung Jin-woo or he’s dad.

Although I expect Sung to make and appearance but not quite soon and certainly not in chapter 96.

We will have to wait a few more days for solo leveling 96 to see how this will unfold. Don’t forget to leave your predictions below and tell us what you think.

Anyone with the most accurate prediction will have any contents he or she would like published by me for free next week so let’s go!


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