Solo leveling 92: In the last chapter we saw Sung Jin-Woo excited to see the duel between various S rank hunters.

As the challenges began Hyeng Nim who is an A rank level laments that he’s earlier brawl with the translator lady that came with Goto was nothing but child’s play seeing the strength of the S ranks battle.

Kumamoto an S rank hunter from Japan was full of blood list during he’s Battle and jin-woo had to intercept the battle before he caused any serious harm and was subdued in seconds by jin-woo which shocked Goto San making him to ask again the category and identity of jin-woo.

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Solo leveling 92 ended with Goto San asking jin-woo for a one on one battle.

Solo Leveling 93 predictions

My prediction is probably what you may have been thinking. We expect jin-woo to accept the challenge from Goto because as we know Jin-woo he always loves tough opponents and challenges and Goto San seems to be some one who can provide that for him.

I do believe the match might end a draw because of the damage it will do to the facility and hence both parties will call it off. Although I believe before it will be called off Jin-woo will be portrayed to be above Goto San

Also jin-woo will probably not show he’s true strength. He probably will use he’s strongest shadows such Igris, Tusk or maybe Tank

As excited as I am for the new we will have to wait for the official chapter which will be released on the 13th November.

What are your thoughts? What do you expect to see . leave a comment below let’s discussion and predict together. Love you and thanks for reading.

I title solo leveling 93 ” Goto vs Jin-woo” lol can’t wait though. For now no official spoilers have been dropped so keep checking guys.

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