Solo leveling 80 discussion and prediction for next week. If you haven’t read the manga click here to avoid spoilers.

Solo leveling 80 chapter kick off with Dung jinwoo secretly looking at he’s sister Sung Jin-Ah who is fast asleep.

He thought someone might approach her while he’s away. He decided to summon some orcs and keep some on stand by to watch over Sung Jin-ah.

Sung Jin-woo decided to place two night orcs as body guards for he’s sister, he also felt the need to protect the neighborhood while he’s away.

Sung decided to place 5 monster on neighborhood patrol which he called “watchmen” .

He ordered them to avoid having contacts with people. Jinwoo claimed only an high A rank hunter should be able to defeat the shadows (watchmen).


Jin-woo arrived at the flame demon dungeon castle. Only this time he came prepared with the various items he pitched from the hunters auction.

The system showed jin woo some higher stats if he completes the level and collects the soul of the demon located at the highest floor in the castle.

Arriving at the castle, the system told him ‘floor 1 of 76’ is unlocked and asked which floor would he like to go.

With a smile on he’s face, Sung said the 76th floor. Arriving at the floor he meet some strong monsters .

76 floor

Sung gave tusk the avarice orb(double users strength) to tusk which tusk used to wipe out the monsters at the floor.

The next page opened with a man who just woke up probably from a coma, asking how long has he been asleep. Only to find out he’d been asleep for 2 whole days.

He asked the doctor if he knows any hunter who has ‘awakened’

Solo leveling 80 ended with an ant monster stepping foot on the ground on a part of Japan with dying.

Solo leveling 81 prediction

Well my prediction for solo leveling 81 is that we may get to see sung jinwoo newly increased stats.

We may get to see more chapter from the ant monster and probably the reason while it survived on earth.

What are your prediction or contribution? We would love to hear from you. Tell us what you think. Leave a comment below

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