It’s going to get better and better, Chapter 157 of solo leveling gave us quite an interesting chapter full of actions as we saw The Goliath himself Thomas Andre going head to head with a monster yet to be identified by the hunter bureau (The Beast Monarch).

The chapter came to a conclusion when the German hunter Lennart Niermann decided to get involved in the battle after Thomas Andre got defeated by the beast monarch.

Solo leveling 158 will definitely pick off from the last chapter. We will see Sung jin woo arriving in the nick of time, here’s what to expect.

  • The beast monarch moves to quickly attack Lennart but before he makes contact, sungs appears and intercepts with a punch which sends the beast monarch flying.
  • Sung explains that reason the reason he was able to make it in time was due to the shadow he attached to Lennart.
  • Sung ask Lennart to evacuate Thomas to a safe distance.
  • The beast monarch confirms that sung indeed possessed the powers of the shadows monarch and rushed to attack while the Frost monarch appeared from the fog which was surrounding the area as well as the sovereign of plagues who appeared behind him.
  • Sung did not fear fret after been caught in the midst of the sovereigns but instead summons he’s shadows that surrounded the area.

Solo leveling 158 release date

Solo Leveling chapter 157 is expected to become available on Wednesday, July 14th. fans can read solo leveling from official solo leveling websites. you can read more details about the upcoming chapter from the light novel by clicking here.


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