Hello everyone we are very glad to have you join us as we take a ride to explore the possible events of solo leveling 154. If you were with us last week you can confirm that solo leveling chapter 153 came exactly how we predicted.

Chapter 153 came to a conclusion when Sung jin-woo accepted the gift(Daggers) Thomas Andre brought for him just before a huge gate appeared in the sky of Korea. So what next??

Solo leveling fans are so eager on what will likely occur in the upcoming solo leveling chapter 154. if you are eager to find out then keep reading because as usual we will do the best we can summarize what to expect in the next chapter.

sung jin woo

The previous chapter didn’t really play out exactly the was it is in the light novel as quite a few details were omitted but being that as it may, Who or what is coming out of the huge gate that appeared over the city of Seoul??

Now there various speculations on who or what is coming, but from the light novel, Unlike what quite a few are speculating, the ones stepping out from the gate will 100,000 Shadows along side leader (Grand Marshal) BELLION Who used to serve the former Shadow monarch Osborne.

  • We should see Bellion along with the armies bow down to greet their supreme master
  • After that event, we should see sung going into a high A rank gate which is cleared by non other than Beru who has leveled up to Marshal Grade.

These and more are some of the events likely to occur in solo leveling chapter 154.

Solo leveling 154 Release date

Solo leveling Chapter 154 is expected to arrive 3rd June 2021 KST (Korean Standard Time) on Thursday how ever if your region differ, you can expect it earlier as the 2nd of June as long as there are no delays or breaks and fans can read from official solo leveling website. Do well to bookmark this page as we can update it as soon we get any more legit info in regards to chapter 154.

That’s all we have right now, Don’t forget to leave your comments and predictions below!! Thank you for reading.



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