Hey friends welcome back, so today we will be bringing you early spoilers of solo leveling chapter 153 from the light novel. You can read more from light novel by clicking here but we will do the best we can to sum up what you could likely expect in the next chapter.

We are gradually entering the closing chapters of solo leveling and one thing i can promise you hence forth is that it will be fully packed with actions as the Monarchs who are the major villains have finally decided to start making their move.

solo leveling 153
sung jin woo

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What To Expect in Solo Leveling 153 and Forth?

  • News about chief woo emerging as the new president of the korea’s hunter association which Sung was happy about.
  • Jin Woo Goes to the Japan which had been rampaged by the giants earlier to blow off some steam and practice as well level up as usual.
  • Sending hes Shadows as well to conquer every dungeon which was also emerging also boosted hes leveling up and as well as hes shadows. Jin woo needed to level up quickly in other to prepare for the upcoming battles against the other monarchs.
  • Fans “may” fianally See BERU level up as well in the next cgapter.
  • We will see Germany’s best hunter Lennart Niermann and Thomas Andre will arrive in Seoul, South Korea airport to meet Sung Jin Woo.
  • Thomas Andre visits the Ah-jin guild to meet up with sung but unfortunately the captain was not around at the time.

The Chapter may come to an end with Sung arriving just before Thomas leaves the Ah-jin Guild.

Solo leveling 153 Release Date and where to read?

Solo Leveling is released Wednesdays weekly and so long there are no breaks or delay we can expect Chapter 153 to arrive on the 26th of May 2021. We always encourage solo leveling fans can read the latest chapter official solo leveling websites.


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