Hello Solo leveling fans, glad to have you back as we will be looking at possible events in the forth coming Solo leveling chapter 119.

Please note that this article will contain massive spoilers for Solo leveling 119 so if you’re uncomfortable with spoilers i suggest you wait till the official release if not, then let’s explore.

Before we proceed let’s have a quick review on the incidents that transpired in the previous chapter.


The chapter piloted from the school Jin-Ah attends where a dungeon break has just occurred. We saw Jin-Ah protesting against the decision of her friend who intends to fight the Orc monsters as she’s only a newly awakened E-Rank.

The Orc who recognized Jin-Ah as a threat because she possess a strong magical energy decided to kill her first, but before they could land a blow on her, The shadow Orcs Jin-Woo placed with her came to the rescue by giving the invading Orc monsters a punch that sends him flying through the roof.

The chapter then shifted to Sung Jin-Woo and the Knight Guild who currently were confronted by Twin headed Ogre which they defeated noting that such monsters should have been the boss but to find them just at the beginning means the dungeon will be difficult to conquer.

Jin-Woo who had high expectations was however disappointed that the enemies weren’t as powerful as he’d hoped.

The chapter came to a conclusion when Sung sensed something was not right with Jin-Ah and immediately took off from the expedition with the Knight Guild leaving Beru in charge while he rushed over to Jin-Ah with the help of Kaisel.

Sung jin woo

Solo Leveling 119 Spoilers

Chapter 119 of Solo Leveling will likely kickoff from the school. We will see the students along side Jin-Ah reactions when the Orcs sung left her massacred the Orc monster who were terrorizing them earlier which Will leave them shocked and astonished.

Jin-ah who tries to ask the Orcs guarding her if Sung was around but they simply took her out of harms way as they prepare for the enemies who were marching towards them.

After the summoned Orcs defeat several Orcs, The boss monster called Gurotaku will then proceed out of the gate to challenge the enemy who has killed several of he’s men.

We may also get to see Park Jong-Su and the Knight Guild deciding on how to proceed with the raid after Sung has bailed on on them.

If you wish to read more of the spoilers, please click here to read from the light novel

Solo leveling 119 release date

Solo leveling is released Wednesdays weekly, hence chapter 119 should be arriving on the 16th of September 2020.

Where to read Solo leveling 119?

You can read Solo leveling chapter 119 from Official solo leveling website. You can also purchase them as hardcopies when they are available. By doing so you can support the creators.


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