Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s Discusions. We shall be taking a look at the up coming solo leveling chapter 117, release date, and spoilers directly from the light Novel and have a general review of the previous episode.

If you’re uncomfortably with spoilers i highly suggest you wait for the official release of solo leveling 117 because this article will contain possible Spoilers.

Chapter 116 review

In case you haven’t read the previous chapter, we have taken time to do a quick Summary. So before we discuss solo leveling 117 let’s have a quick recap.

The chapter kicked off with the Knight Guild having a discussion on how to to attempt a raid on the recent gate that just appeared. Apparently the gate is a High level A rank gate and there is a possibility of it turning to an S rank gate.

With this kind of uncertainty and risk it’s possible they may not even be given permission to enter the the gate. Master of the Guild Park Jong-Soo trying to come up with the best possible solution to this was offered an idea by one he’s guild members that they could enlist an S rank and that will be non other than Sung Jin-Woo.

Guild master Park Jong-Soo paid Sung a visit in the newly formed ‘Ahjin Guild‘ with a preposition if Sung assisted the Knight Guild, they would offer him 20% of the loot which Sung dubunks that he’ll only work with them if the deal is 50/50 which they complied.

The chapter came to a close when a Gate appeared and opened in a school which Sung younger sister ‘Jin-Ah’ attends just after Sung used he’s shadow exchange to head over to Busan for the raid with the Knight Guild.

Solo Leveling 117

Possible spoilers

Solo leveling 117 will likely kick off from the Gate opening in the school. We will see Orcs come out from the gate massacring a whole lot of students.

As the Orcs appeared they got a message in their head to kill every single one the humans which they obeyed.

Sung arrives at the Knight Guild location using shadow exchange and after gretting the hunters present they will go into the gate before news arrives that a gate had break out in he’s own city

Release Date?

Solo leveling is released every week, hence chapter 117 of Solo Leveling should be arriving on the 2nd of September 2020 and fans have the privilege to read from official solo leveling websites.


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