Hello Friends, we are so delighted that solo leveling is back and even more delighted to discuss the upcoming chapter with you guys. In this article we will be discussing and giving you the spoilers from the light novel for Solo Leveling 114, where you can read the Manwha and the release date.

With just few chapters into the new season we already know that this season is going to be a full doze of action and excitement. Before we give you possible spoilers for Solo Leveling 114, let’s have a quick recap.

In chapter 113 of Solo Leveling, we saw Cha Hae who paid Sung Jin Woo a visit in he’s newly found guild and she requested to be a member of the Guild which came as a surprise to Sung due to the fact that she’s still in contract with her current guild and he’s new guild may not be able to pay her like her previous one.

Sung tried to come up with a way to turn down her offer but she remained adamant in her request which then prompted Sung to offer a proposal before she could Join he’s guild.

Sung stated before Cha Hae can be accepted as a member of he’s guild he must first pass he’s test which involves her defeating any summoning of he’s choosing.

Cha Hae accepted the terms and Sung grabbed her and teleported to The Hunter Training gymnasium. Sung summoned Igris who Cha defeated quite easily before you asked Sung Jin Woo to summon Beru who she knows is the strongest of he’s summons.

The chapter came to a close when Sung asks if Cha Hae was sure about fighting Beru which she answered she wanted to fight Very again.

Solo Leveling 114 Spoilers

like you may guess Solo Leveling chapter 114 will continue from where it left with a Beru vs Cha Hae. After Sung summoned Beru he gave him and instruction which was “Defeat the enemy without harming her”.

Cha Hae 
Solo Leveling 114 
Cha Hae

Beru then dashed to the the front of Cha Hae and countered all her attack without moving a single step which gave her quite a scare and made her think just how powerful Sung Jin Woo to have been able to defeat such a monster and made it he’s servant.

After Beru finished Taunting Cha and she wouldn’t give up he got angry and in that moment Cha had the eyes and look of an enemy who wanted to harm he’s master who reset the order Sung gave to him not to harm her and the system ordered him to ” Protect the Sovereign ” .

In that moment Beru transformed into a terrifying monster with he’s claws to immediately kill Cha but before he could, Sung appeared right in front of him and ordered him to stop which he Obliged and apologize for going against he’s sovereign’s command.

Solo Leveling 114 Release Date

Chapter 114 of Solo Leveling will most likely be available on the 12th of August 2020. To read more about the chapter you can click Here

Where can I read Solo leveling 114?

We advise you to read the latest chapters of Solo Leveling from official solo leveling website. That’s all we have for you guys, don’t forget to leave your comments or suggestions below. God bless and have a great week


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