Hello everyone, we hope you are having a great week. Solo leveling 106 I just around the corner now and we are so glad to give you possible spoilers and prediction.

Before we discuss solo leveling chapter 106 let’s take a moment and discuss previous chapter. You can click here to read chapter 105 if you have not done so to avoid being spoiled by this post.

We got to see Byung at the start of the chapter healing hunter Cha. As soon he finished healing the injured hunter the summon was canceled due to the fact Sung didn’t feel right using a Human like Byung as summon which made Hunter Baek felt relieved about he’s former comrade.

They then left the cave accompanied by Sung Jin-woo to enter a chopper that arrived to take them back home.

Sung stayed behind to clear a path for them from and also eliminate every ants that was present on Jeju island.

The scene then shifted to the Japanese Hunters on a ship who lamented that the monster was beyond any one’s capabilities to handle only to be shocked that the monster had been defeated by the Koreans.

The chapter then came to a close after the director of the Hunter bureau of America ‘David Brannen’ decided to come way to pull Sung over to America and Sung summoning the ant king.

Solo Leveling 106 spoilers

In solo leveling chapter 106 we will see sung finally getting rid of all the ants present and finally giving he’s new Soldier a name ‘Beru’

Solo leveling 106

We should probably see sung discovering the remains of the dead Japanese hunters and as well also Goto Ryuji.

We may get to see how Goh Gun-Hui and the people of south Korea react to this victory.

Solo leveling 106 should be arriving on the 19th of Feb as long there are no breaks. You can leave your predictions and Suggestions below. Have Great Day!


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