Hey guys how are y’all doing? Glad to have you with us this time around. We got awesome predictions for solo leveling chapter 104 so take your time as you read this post.

Before dropping our predictions for chapter 104 like we normally do we’d like to have a recap on the previous Episode.

Dunno if it’s just me but the level of excitement I get from reading solo leveling is insane and sometimes I wish I was Sung lol.

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Now then chapter 103 picked off from where it stopped two weeks ago where Sung and the Ant King are having a very fierce battle.

After exchanging several Punches, the shell of the Ant king began cracking noticeable which made the ant king feeling confused as to why he was been over powered.

As a result of this, he decided to use a deadly poison attack against he’s foe only to be left surprised that he’s poison had no effect.

The panel then shifted to what’s left of the Japanese Hunters (Minuro) who lamented that there was no hope as the monster far exceeded Human capabilities.

We then saw the continuation of the battle and how Sung was dealing severely with the ant king. Jin woo recalled he could sense the ant king’s feelings probably due to he’s stats has improved a whole lot.

As the fight dragged on, Jin-woo wanted to end things quickly in other to be able to save Cha-in who was barely hanging on to dear life.

Sung threw a powerful kick but the ant king dodge and leaped towards the air. Having failed to take down he’s enemy with Strength and even poison, the ant king decided to use speed which he was confident that he was faster.

After reducing he’s size and pulling out he’s claw, ji woo summoned out he’s short sword too and they went to a contest of speed.

Much to the ant king’s surprise Jin woo was also quicker. After using he’s new Skill Critical chain which was upgraded from critical Hit. Sung gave the ant king severe damaged and cut off he’s hand.

The ant king seeing he was outclassed all round decided to call forth he’s army only to be meet equally by the Summonings of Sung’s undead Army.

Solo leveling 104 Spoilers and predictions

in chapter 104 of solo leveling we will probably see Sung’s summoning and Fangs too as he’s will be using he’s flames attack on the ant’s summoned by the ant King.

After the display of fangs both the Hunters and the ant king will be left surprised seeing the might of just a single Hunter.

The ant king seeing he has no hope will probably attempt to escape but sung wouldn’t let him and in that moment the ant King will be killed before sung will try and save Cha-in.

That’s all we have for you this week, hope you enjoyed reading as I did writing. Don’t forget to leave your comments, suggestions too.

Solo leveling 104 Release date

Solo leveling will be arriving on the 5th( Wednesday) of Feb as long there are no unforseen circumstances like last week’s.


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