Its getting real guys!! So chapter 101 was mouth watering and you can sure bet that solo leveling chapter 102 will not disappoint!.

Before we go ahead and drop chapter 102 spoilers for you this week, let’s have a look on the previous chapter. You can click here to read previous episode of you are yet to do so and avoid spoilers.

RECAP: So chapter 101 started off just like the way we predicted last week with Sung jin woo making he’s appearance on the Battle field.

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Solo leveling chapter 102

The previous chapter was pretty much Sung battling the ants and healing the Hunters(except for Cha I’m) and the Cameraman on the scene.

The chapter ended when The ‘ Ant king’ soon to be named Beru came in to fight Jin woo. Now for chapter 102;

Sung jin woo vs Ant king

Solo leveling 102 spoilers and Discussions

The action is still going to progress in chapter 102. We will see how Sung will wipe out the ants present in the Tunnel before facing off with the ‘ant king’.

Jin woo’s identity should be revealed in the next chapter also and we will see how joyful the public will be after seeing Jin woo battle strength!

Baek Yun-Ho will like to join Sung in the battle thinking summoning he’s shadows must have drained him of man’s but will be shocked when Sung tell him he’s fine.

We probably will also get to see how the Japanese reacts to the Situation after losing 10 S rank hunters including one of their strongest Goto in the raid.

Release Date

Solo leveling Chapter 102 should be arriving on the 15th of Jan if there are no delays and you can read it up on official Websites such as Mangatail or Viz

That’s all we have for you guys this week, don’t forget to drop your comments and predictions below. Have a great week!!


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