Before we Begin I’d like to wish everyone of you a Happy new year. And what better way to start it off than getting a new chapter on the first day of the year.

Before we give you solo leveling chapter 101 spoilers and discussions, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter.

If you are yet to read previous chapter you can click here because this post will contain several spoilers on the previous episode.

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If you’re ready let’s roll. Now chapter 100 started off just like the way we previously predicted with The monster ant defeating the Korean hunters.

Solo leveling 101 spoilers and release date

After defeating the hunters, the Ant monster needed a stronger challenge admitting to the Korean hunters that they were too weak making him go after Goto.

On encountering Goto, he asked Goto if he was the king of the humans which he replied yes and then got he’s head ripped off in seconds.

The chapter ended with Sung jin woo’s shadow coming to rescue he’s friends at the dungeon.

What did we learn from previous chapter?

  1. Firstly we know that the Ant monster is capable of absorbing it’s prey and acquiring their intellects.
  2. Its clear the motive of The Japanese hunters were to get rid of all the Korean hunters
  3. We also know that even as strong Goto was, he wasn’t yet strong enough to be a National hunter from what the captain of the Chinese warship said. That could mean national hunters are crazy strong!
  4. We also got to learn that Jin woo can see through he’s shadow soldiers. How cool is that??

Solo leveling 101 spoilers

In chapter 101 Sung jin woo will finally make he’s entrance into the battle field After all hope has been lost.

The TV station broadcasting live had turned of the transmission but seeing someone battling the ants, they’ll probably decided to turn it back on and hope who ever is battling the monster wins.

Solo leveling 101 spoilers

We probably will see jin woo heal some hunters who are severely injured and also get rid of the Ant swimming the Dungeon before the ‘Ant king’ arrives to battle him.

I believe chapter 101 will end when the Ant king Arrives to battle Jin woo.

Release date

Solo leveling chapter 101 will be arriving on the 8th of January 2020.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and predictions below. How excited are you for chapter 101??


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