I’m really super excited to discuss the next chapter with you guys. I literarily cannot wait till the next chapter.

Before we discuss the next chapter, let have a recap on the previous chapter. If you haven’t read previous chapter click here to avoid spoiler and you of you have let’s get rolling .

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RECAP: So the chapter started of with ant appearing in front of the hunters with insane.

Hunter Cha nim was the be destroyed followed by the remaining hunters.

Solo leveling chapter 100 spoilers

Solo leveling 100 spoilers and predictions

In solo leveling 100 we will be seeing the Hunters all defeated and probably Goto and he’s team may come over to render assistance.

Don’t forget that their is a camera man in there and their battles where going out live to the public which will leave the public scared that the gate will not be closed because the hunters have all been defeated.

This is where Sung jin woo will come across the news and switch to the battle scene in the few chapters before it ends according to the light novel.

We will probably be getting sung jin woo vs the ant monster in chapter 101.

I’m super excited for what’s to come next. Are you? Don’t forget to leave your comments and predictions below.

Happy New year guys!!


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