Hello again everyone, thanks for taking out time to read this little theory of mine on why i think Scythe Seris is willing to help Arthur to even defeat her own master Agrona. Please this article will contain some spoilers so read at your risk lol.

For those who are new to the series or light novel and don’t know who she is, Scythe Seris a Vritra who first made her debut during the life and death battle of Arthur and one of the strongest Retainer Uto that took place in Ashber Town.

She came in and not only saved Arthur from the retainer just before he was killed, she also defeated the retainer rendering him helpless with ease before telling Arthur to claim that he was the one who captured him.

She’s pretty nice yeah? Well it gets better as she has been watching Arthur closely and she is so interested in him growing quickly. So now you might ask why going through all that trouble?

Well here’s why I think she wants to help Arthur. For the LN readers i believe that you know Caera and her bond/relationship with Seris, I believe Seris was just like her to Sylvia back then in Epheotus.

I think she (Seris) and Sylvia who might be her like Godmother then in Epheotus had this mother and daughter friendship or were really close and after Agrona betrayed her, Seris who’s very smart having playing tripple agent with Art, Agrona and even the Asura decided to hide her emotions and join Agrona’s rank waiting for the right time to revenge.

As the story progress we will probably get to know her intentions better though. If you have something better please drop them below in the comments section.


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