Saitama vs Sung jin woo, so I was thinking. What if we saw Saitama (One punch man) get down with our number one hunter who is always leveling up Sung jin woo.

Saitama: Who us Saitama?

Who will win? Well this article will be examining both characters strength and weakness and I’ll be dropping a conclusion at end who I think will win. But before we start let’s take a look on these two interesting characters.

For those who may be asking who is saitama and really don’t know who he is well, Saitama is the main protagonist of the anime series “One Punch Man”.

Saitaman one punch man

Ever since he was young he wanted to be a hero and according to him went on a 3 years training (which he later reveals he still continues to this day

How strong is Saitama

Saitama is so strong and can even be regarded as the most strongest comic book characters, as a lot of people even agree he could probably handle the likes of Goku, Super Man etc without any stress.

Saitama after he’s rigorous training made he’s hair fall out and became bald, he has a strength that we haven’t seen any character even from the series been able to rival, not even Ancient Monsters , Aliens or even he’s co Heroes.

The only challenge saitama has is to find an opponent who will give him a proper challenge in fact, Saitama usually ends the fight in one single regular, no effort punch (with only two exceptions to this rule- Lord Boros and Garou the Human Monster) and that is how much strong he is.

One major feat pulled by saitama was when he was fighting Lord Boros, during he’s fight he was sent flying across the earth atoms and he landed on the moon, unharmed even by how strong the attacke was, he from the moon jumped back to earth with a punch that destroyed Boros space ship.

Does saitama has any weaknesses?

Unlike what we usually get from comic and fiction character who are always very strong with atleast one or two weaknesses, saitama does not have any weaknesses.

One punch man vs solo leveling

In fact we haven’t even seen he’s full power or seen him go all out for once. THe only time he got serious a bit was against Boros and just like every other opponent saitama had faced, he got defeated by a ‘serious single punch’

From what you might have seen I’m guessing you should say Sung jin-woo doesn’t come close lol. Well let’s review Sung jin woo strength and later do comparison.

Who is Sung jin-woo?

Saitama vs sung jin woo

Sung Jin-woo is the protagonist of Solo Leveling. He used to be known as the World’s Weakest Hunter until an incident occurred during one of he’s voyage into a dungeon that gave the ability to always level up and grow stronger by performing certain tasks

How strong is Sung Jin-woo?

Sung Jin Woo is very strong, although he has not given us feats like saitama but he has given is quite enough.

After the incident at the dungeon that almost killed Sung jin woo, he was awakened and given a special ability that let’s him continue grow in strength.

Sung jin woo has many ability including Magical, Martial arts and close combat fighting techniques and abilities. He also has good speed and reflexes that i believe could match with even saitama.

Saitama vs sung jin woo

Sung jin woo has the power to raise an army of undead as well as turn any monster he kills to he’s undead army. And so far the system that gave Sung jin woo such power doesn’t seem like it is limited I.e Sung jin woo can grow so much stronger than we can even imagine.

Does Sung Jin-Woo has any weaknesses?

Sung Jin woo doesn’t have a major weakness like the way Super man is to Kryptonite. But unlike Saitama Sung jin woo does have one or two draw backs.

The main(primary) source of power for him or any other hunter in solo leveling is What they call mana. Mana is like the chakra in Naruto. Without or if depleted of mana sung jin woo is powerless. But I wouldn’t worry about Because sung jin woo has a lot of mana reserve.

The only person who has been able to push him to the point of exhaustion was the demon king and who I should say is comparable to Lord Boros

Sung jin woo vs demon king
Sung jin woo vs demon king

Let’s compare : Saitama vs Sung Jin-Woo

Currently now if we should take Sung jin woo and match him against saitama I believe he will loose.

The reason I think so is that, Saitama to me is already at he’s prime and peak of strength and Sung jin woo is still growing.

But I am curious to see how strong sung jin woo will be at the end of the story, I do believe he he’s going to level up to probably a level around saitama.

But before I go, I was also thinking;

Genos vs Sung jin woo who is stronger?

For those who don’t know Genos, Genos is a cybord S class hero who is like and apprentice under saitama. He is quite strong too and given us feats that(probably) equals Sung jin woo’s .

If these 2 S class where to go down I believe Sung jin woo should win. He has strong army shadows who can’t die and together taking on Genos will probably give Genos a hard time and ultimately he will lose.

We will love to hear your thoughts, who will win in a Saitama vs Sung jin woo match and Sung jin woo vs Geno’s match.

Drop your comments below and we will love to get back to you!


  1. **SPOILER**

    if were talking LN(light novel) he can destroy earth just by standing there cause he has to much mana for the planet and the demon monarch he fought wasnt even close to the real demon monarch that the past shadow monarch fought and was probs made to just test sun jin woo and he also fought the chaos monarch which was meant to be insanely strong i thing he could match up to saitama from what weve seen of him so far but he could easily take on any other hero with hes army and probably himself but saitama would be a tough battle anyway good work on the battle though

    • Thank you so much. I actually just finished the Light novel and you are right about that. Sung jin woo at the end of Solo leveling is on another level. I will do a write up on that soon ( Sung jin woo LN vs Saitama)

  2. I have to say that Sung Jin-Woo after the LN is probably one of the strongest fictional characters ever made, he’d absolutely crush psychics like Saiki K and tanks like Superman and anything that’s not from dbs. And rivals goku and the rest of dbs and is maybe even stronger. But against Saitama he’d probably loose horribly.

  3. what the hell? sung jin woo can definetly defeat saitama,well because the guy has insane agility that cannot be followed by naked eyes just like saitama,also he is always growing,LN Sung jin woo can destroy earth because of his mana, he can also go between dimension,he does fall short in the strength category compared to saitama but can command more than 130,000 undead soldiers who can keep regenerating as long as he has mana which is almost in lakhs and most of his soldiers exceed the S category so yeah i think sung jin woo can defeat saitama


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