One piece 965 is on break so will be arriving December 15 but the rae scans should be arriving earlier around 13th or 14th December.

Before we talk about one piece chapter 965, let’s quickly take a recap on the previous chapter and discuss a bit.

I for one has found these remembrance scene quite boring lol and it seems it might go on for about 5 or more chapters. But i guess these past events is something we need to know.

Although I feel we ought to see other past scenes light the Rocky port incident with Trafalgar Law, post war between Blackbeard and Marco etc but hey let’s go with what we have been given.

Now to discuss the previous chapter

If you haven’t read previous chapter you can click here to do so.

Now the previous chapter we got to see more of Oden’s past as well he’s meeting with Whitebeard and how he asked to be part of whitebeard’s crew but was rejected by Whitebeard and he’s crew.

After the Whitebeard crew had stayed a few weeks and where about departing, Oden attached a chain on the Mobydick and was determined he sailed with whitebeard. This intrigued Whitebeard and made him accept he’s request to join if only he could hold on the chain for 3 days while on the Sea.

Few hours before Oden could complete the task, he left the chain attached to the mobydick and went to rescue a young girl lady he heard shouting.

When whitebeard discovered the reason Oden left the chain was for a noble task as saving a girl who wanted to go to Wano. He welcomed him into he’s crew.

The chapter ended with Shanks, Baggy and Gold Roger reading about the white beard pirates new recruit from the newspaper and Gold Roger says he will like to meet the samurai that could escape from Wano.

Possible One piece 965 spoilers and predictions

I’m really super hyped about upcoming one piece 965, as we may get to see some interesting events like how Toki was able to time Travel, what made her time travel and if we are lucky we get even get a glimpse of Joyboy and the legendary Ship in the fishman Island.

But for now not to get our hopes up too much, we possibly might see how Oden got married to Toki and also Gold Roger first meet up with Oden and see what they might discuss

You can leave your comments and predictions below, we will love to hear what you think.


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