Overgearesld review; Hello everyone, so today I’ll be discussing and reviewing the new Overgeared Manhwa with you guys and also answering questions that people are asking if this new Manhwa is better than Sung Jin woo Solo leveling. Please note that this post will contain spoilers from the light novel.

So what is Overgeared about?

The Overgeared Manhwa is an ongoing Korean novel by “Park Saenal” (박새날). The novel currently has around 1000+ raw chapters.

Shin Youngwoo Overgeared review
Shin Youngwoo

It is currently being translated by Rainbow Turtle, while its being edited by Superposhposh. If you like Overgeared please support Rainbow Turtle or the Author.

The story revolves around a young male character known as Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo was an unlucky loser in life, who entered into debt to buy the gaming capsule needed to play the game Satisfy.

He experienced a hard life and was forced into manual labor jobs to pay off the enormous debt but he still played the game despite not being good at it.

His in-game character called Grid found unusual luck in a legendary class change item, Pagma’s Rare Book, during an S-class quest. But hidden beneath that luck was his level dropping to -1 due to the legendary class change and the failure of an SS rank quest by dying. He struggled to survive and made money in the world of Satisfy as the first negative leveled legendary class player.

Through effort and hard work he slowly rised from the bottom of the barrel to the top. He gained new comrades (player and NPC alike) with his charm, items, and dignity stat. He continues to create the ultimate items for himself and fights as a descendant of Pagma, a legendary blacksmith and swordsman. In the meantime, he is no longer in Pagma’s shadow, is on his way to mastering Control and writes his own epics.

Who is Pagma and what does Pagma’s Descendant means?

Grid (Shin Youngwoo) found the legendary “Pagma’s Rare Book” inthe Northern End Cave. After he opened the book he became Pagma’s Descendant. Pagma was a legendary blacksmith who was also known for his brilliant swordsmanship skills.

As Pagma’s Descendant, it is his job to know all about Pagma’s legacy. He obtains class quests that involves finding and obtaining more information on Pagma’s life. He obtains skills related to Blacksmithing and Swordsmaenship due to the class quests and also obtains the class-exclusive item of pavranium.

After becoming Pagma’s Descendant, all the basic blacksmith skills are unlocked and instantly mastered. Following those basic blacksmith skills are the legendary blacksmith skills which he all obtains but all start at level 1.

He gains skills like Item Combination, Item Transformation, Item Upgrade, and Granting an Ego. He also gains the indestructible class exclusive material, pavranium, through a class quest and eventually crafts it into the four “God Hands”.

After finishing a class quest he is able to learn Pagma’s Swordsmanship obtaining five different skills: namely, WaveRestraintLinkKill, and Transcend. The Swordsmanship is very formidable but is predictable and has a delay because the user has to execute a “dance” before executing the skill.

The disadvantage can be offset by dodging while the dance is in motion. He is also able to fuse these 5 different skills, creating skills like Linked Kill and Transcended Link. He later learns more of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, learning Revolve and Pinnacle and also creating more skills such as Pinnacle Kill, Linked Kill Wave, and his ultimate skill, Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

Solo leveling

Most of you might probably know who Sung Jin woo is and what Solo Leveling is about but if you don’t know, Solo leveling Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel written by Chu-Gong.

Sung Jin woo
Sun jin eoo

The Story is about a boy called Sung Jin Woo who was regarded as the weakest Hunter in the world having a rank E which was the lowest of the hunters ranks.

Jin-Woo was later reawakened as a Player after surviving the Cartenon Temple and completing the secret quest “Courage of the Weak“. The mysterious System has allowed Jin-Woo to limitless level up and increases his strength, unlike all hunters, who are unable to increase their strength unless reawakened.

Overgeared review: Similarities between Overgeared and Solo leveling

Both Solo leveling and Overgeared are both written by Korean authors and both share the unique features where the protagonists is constantly growing and leveling up. Like most Korean Manhwa they are both coloured.


The Solo leveling Manhwa takes place in actually really and the events are reality based while the Overgeared Manhwa is a virtual reality gaming where you login to a virtual world called Satisfy.

Satisfy is a virtual reality massively-multiplayer online game developed by the S.A Group, regulated by the supercomputer Morpheus. It has a player base of over 2 billion people.

Satisfy’s system is configured to allow users to discover and develop themselves. There is no such thing as a customer service center, and so Satisfy’s 2 billion users had been developing the world by pioneering and exchanging information on their own. Players log on to the game through a capsule. A fee for Satisfy must be paid at regular intervals.

Overgeared vs Solo leveling which is better?

Both Manhwa’s are great to read. I would recommend that you read both. They both have adventures, actions, leveling up, and awesome villains.

If you like them you can as well support the authors and buy the hard copy and also read from Official websites such as Mangaplus.

That’s all we got for you now and we hope this article”Overgeared review” was helpful, don’t forget to leave your comments. What do you think about these great comics??


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