Tens of thousands have defied a lockdown in Bangladesh to attend the funeral of a top Islamic preacher as the country’s outbreak begins to accelerate.

An estimated 100,000 people flooded the streets of Sarail, in the east of the country, and stood side by side in large crowds to pay their final respects to Jubayer Ahmad Ansari. 

Before the funeral, the families of Jubayer Ahmad Ansari had to official that no more than 50 persons would be present for the burial only then to be shocked at the thousand that floked to the scene to pay thier respect.

The number of The Covid-19 Cases has been in the rise over the past week with over 200 confirmed cases reported. However with such a huge gathering, analyst speculate that those numbers might escalate

The police were unable to control the crowd, resulting in the officer in charge and assistant superintendent being withdrawn from the event and a committee being formed to start an investigation into how such a large crowd was allowed to congregate, according to Sohel Rana, the Bangladesh Police Central spokesman.

As of Sunday Bangladesh had recorded 2,456 positive cases of coronavirus and 91 deaths, but officials say the actual numbers are likely higher due to lack of testing kits.


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