We are going to be reviewing saitama vs All might, vs Hulk, vs Superman, vs Goku, vs Thanos. Who would win ? Now let’s review their strength, and weaknesses. Firstly let’s talk about Saitama.

Saitama: Who us Saitama?

Saitama is the main protagonist of the anime series “One Punch Man”. Ever since he was young he wanted to be a hero and according to him went on a 3 years training (which he later reveals he still continues to this day

How strong is Saitama

Saitama is so strong and can even be regarded as the most strongest comic book characters, as a lot of people even agree he could probably handle the likes of Goku, Super Man etc without any stress.

Saitama after he’s rigorous training made he’s hair fall out and became bald, he has a strength that we haven’t seen any character even from the series been able to rival, not even Ancient Monsters , Aliens or even he’s co Heroes.

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The only challenge saitama has is to find an opponent who will give him a proper challenge in fact, Saitama usually ends the fight in one single regular, no effort punch (with only two exceptions to this rule- Lord Boros and Garou the Human Monster) and that is how much strong he is.

One major feat pulled by saitama was when he was fighting Lord Boros, during he’s fight he was sent flying across the earth atoms and he landed on the moon, unharmed even by how strong the attacke was, he from the moon jumped back to earth with a punch that destroyed Boros space ship.

Does saitama has any weaknesses?

Unlike what we usually get from comic and fiction character who are always very strong with atleast one or two weaknesses, saitama does not have any weaknesses.

In fact we haven’t even seen he’s full power or seen him go all out for once. THe only time he got serious a bit was against Boros and just like every other opponent saitama had faced, he got defeated by a ‘serious single punch’

From what you might have seen I’m guessing you should say Sung jin-woo doesn’t come close lol. Well let’s review others strength and later do comparison

Who is Almight

Almight is a hero and a mentor to the main protagonist of the Anime ‘ Boku no Hero’. How strong is Almight?.

Almight vs Saitama

Almight has almost similar abilities with saitama such as super speed, strength, hearing.

Although he and saitama has almost same abilities but he doesn’t has feats like saitama.

In short the most difficult opponent almight fought (All for one) would have probably been defeated by saitama in a single punch or maximum a ‘serious punch’.

Saitama vs Almight who wins?

After the various comparisons between them, your guess is the same as mine as Saitama would win flawlessly. What about;

Almight vs Genos

For those who are not familiar with Genos, Genos is a disciple of Saitama. He decided to make saitama he’s master after he saw how strong he was .

Genos is a cyborg with crazy abilities also such as speed, laser visions ,strength , night level battle IQ and intellect.

Now if a battle between Almight and Geno’s where to happen, looking at both feats displayed by them in the animes and manga so far. I believe Almight should win but not easily though.

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Saitama Vs Hulk

We know how strong the hulk is with he’s monstrous strength and quick regenerative ability. So who would win?

Hulk vs Saitama

This will be interesting, but my money is still on saitama. I would place Hulk around Orochi in terms of strength and we saw how effortlessly Saitama defeated him.

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Saitama vs Superman

Superman is regarded as one of the strongest comic character ever. He is even regarded as the ‘ Man of Steel’ .

Superman vs Saitama

I wish we could see this battle for real but in terms of feat Superman in comics has equal or perhaps greater feats than Saitama.

So superman vs Saitama I’ll give this one to Superman.

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Saitama vs Goku

If there is an opponent that can defeat saitama is probably Goku and Vegetta.

Goku vs Saitama

We all know Goku from the dragon ball series. Currently now Goku has awakened Ultra instinct which is a power on godlike scale.

We know in time Goku will be strong as lord Beerus. And if we compare lord Beerus vs Saitama, Although saitama has given us godlike feats but I feel Beerus would win a fight.

And now Goku is under the tutorage of Beerus. If we are to us manga logic we know the student always surpass their masters.

E.g Naruto surpassing Jiranya, even Deku will be surpassing Almight soon if you follow the manga, Luffy surpassing Rayleigh etc.

So my own opinion Goku vs Saitama, Goku wins. Probably not now but later in the future. Currently I feel the battle will be a draw using their current strengths.

Next up:

This battle is hard call to make but I’ll just go straight ahead.

Thanos without he’s gauntlet of infinity stones will likely loose but the case is deferent when he’s wielding he’s infinity Gauntlet.

With the power of the infinity stones at he’s disposal. He sure will be able to eliminate Saitama.

We hope you enjoyed this article we put together. If have any suggestion you can leave your suggestions and comments below.


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