One Punch Man season 2 is well and truly underway and the most awesome thing about is that finally, we might have a villain worthy of making Saitama work hard and get beat while he battles his opponents. In episode 3 of One Punch Man season 3, we were all building up to behold how strong Garou actually is.

We saw him beating S Rank heroes like Tank Top Master and others with utmost easiness. So, when one beats such high ranked heroes it is obvious to think that this guy is not a pushover. It seemed like only Saitama can stop this man who is insanely strong and calls himself a monster.

This being said, the news of hero hunter became so widespread that it even reached Saitama himself. Even he wanted to know more about Garou who in his head might just be worthy of fighting full on. We haven’t seen Saitama’s full strength yet because none of his opponents lasts for more than One Punch against him. So, we all fans were believing that Garou might be the one who gives him a tough battle.

But in the amazing turn of events, we got to see Garou and Saitama crossing each other’s paths in the season 2 episode 3. Garou thinking that Saitama is a small hero tries to knock him out with a blow but Saitama is unfazed and in return, Saitama hits Garou’s head casually which knocks him out for good while Saitama casually kept on shopping in the market.

All that hype around Garou was for that little disappointing moment? Well, I as a fan am so disappointed that not even Garou is worthy of facing Saitama as he too is far inferior in terms of strength compared to the great Saitama.

Maybe Garou will train even harder and come back to face Saitama in the near future but no matter what he tries he won’t be able to match the strength of the One Punch Man Saitama.

So, we can say that another one bites the dust as Saitama seemingly has brought down an opponent who has faced the top level heroes with a pat on his head. What next will happen to Garou? Will he go into hiding and train even harder just to get beaten up by Saitama again or will he learn a lesson and mend his ways?

Whatever happens, I just hope for Saitama’s sake that we soon get a worthy opponent for him to face in the anime. Do let us know what your thoughts on Garou being knocked out like that are in the comments section below.


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