Hello everyone, glad to have you with us as we take a dive on the events of upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 135.

In this post we will be sharing with you guys our thoughts & predictions on one punch man 135, release date and how soon these raw scans will be available and where you can read the chapter officially.

One punch man chapter 134 really gave us a full dose of action with the arrival of drive Knight and seeing Tatsumaki pull off those incredible feats.

We saw chapter 134 came to a conclusion when Tatsumaki suddenly starts coughing blood while wondering if she used too much power.

Psykos notices that Tatsumaki’s power is getting weaker and she uses a move that works as a smokescreen in an attempt to escape.

The fusion of Psykos and Orochi transforms into a jet and tries to consume the blood from the humans in the city.

Tatsumaki senses that their presence is divided into seven due to Psykos using the same technique that Tatsumaki used before, but she manages to create a giant psychic barrier surrounding them so that the monster won’t be able to escape. Drive Knight then appears and joins their battle

One Punch Man 135

Release Date

Currently there’s yet to be an official announcement for the release of one punch man chapter 135 but going by previous release schedule we anticipate the chapter should may be arriving early in October 4th.

Where Can You Read One Punch Man 135?

We strongly Recommend you read One Punch Man from official websites such as Mangaplus Shueisha or from Viz. You can also read from one punch man website.

One Punch Man 134 Spoiler & Predictions

leaks and official spoilers will be available couple of days before it’s official release so keep checking on us because we will update this post as soon as we get credible news.

As per predictions, We may likely have a panel shift in the upcoming chapter to Garou or Saitama but if this is not the case then we should see How Drive Knight along with Tatsumaki handle thier foe.


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