One punch man chapter 125 was quite exciting but not as much exciting as we’d hope.

Before we give this weeks spoilers and predictions for one punch man chapter 126 we’d like to quickly have a recap and discuss the previous chapter.

If you are yet to read previous chapter please click here to avoid spoilers. And if you have done so then let’s discuss!!

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chapter 125 started off with Silver fang and the master of the wind techniques both bring down the Monster Dog (Rover) attacking them.

we then saw how Fubuki wanted to see how she could lure the S rank hero and he’s friend to join her club just before the Rover stood back on he’s feet.

The chapter ended while Saitama and flashy flash who’s been with him for a while now both headed for the Kings place and are lead by a monster on a rail cart.

One punch man 126 spoilers & Predictions

what should we expect in chapter 126? In the next chapter we probably will see Saitama some more and their arrival at the kings place.

One punch man 126 spoiler
Onepunch man 126

Now the kings they are going to meet I’m still not sure because I believed the king earlier on was Orochi and he’s dead already after saitama ended him with a serious punch.

So is there another boss villain?? Please leave your suggestions and thoughts below.

Also, its possible we will be seeing Genos and some few others we haven’t seen in a while such as King and Garou.

Chapter 125 was quite short but we hope next chapter we get to see lots of actions and quite honestly some new faces too!.

Chapter 126 release

Onepunch man chapter 126 should be arriving on the 17th of January. But raw scans and official spoilers should arrive much earlier.

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  1. Saitama did’t use a sirious punch on orochi rather a normal punch. And its already 23th january. So pls don’t give is false release date


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