When is One punch man 123 release date?

One punch man 123 should be released 8th of December but spoilers and the rae scan should be available much earlier.

But before we go into One Punch Man predictions and discussions, let’s take a recap on the previous chapter 122. If you have not read the previous chapter you can click here to do so!

One punch man 122 recap

The chapter started with emperor child battling a sludge jelly fish monster who has been able go defeat some Heroes and also landed a blow on child Emperor.

We later got to know the origin of the S class heroes, as before the origin of S class, there where only A , B and C rank hunters

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And as time went on and DEMON monsters started appearing which require the efforts of the A,B, and C rank hunters so the Hero Association decided to classify those special heroes who could take out a DEMON level hunter 1 on 1.

One punch man 123 possible spoilers predictions

Remember The last 2 chapter, chapter 121 which ended with Garou about to battle dark skin S class hero. Now my prediction for chapter 123, I believe we may get to see the battle between them.

Although we have yet to see the new powers of garou or how strong he is since he should i say ‘Awakened’ ? I believe garou might defeat him and possible several other hero.

We might also get the conclusion of the battle between child emperor and the jelly monster.

Where to read One punch Man 123?

You can read one punch man 123 on official websites such as Viz Media, Mangatail etc.

If you have any predictions or contributions please leave them in the comments sections below as we will love to hear from you!


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