One piece manga 930 is just around the the corner, and in this post we will be discussing the chapter.

Now for one piece manga 930 I suspect we may see Sanji and Law battling or trying to escape for the 6 enemies who stands before them because I feel both of them may not be able to take out 6 headliners.

Last chapter didn’t give us much thrills like we’ve expected but it wasn’t all so bad. We saw Franky looking for the blue prints of kaido’s mansion as well as Trafalgar Law meeting up with Sanji to warn him against the six strongest headliners who have come for him because they already figured out who he is.

We may get to see raizo unlocking the cuffs of luffy and probably Kidd to conclude the chapter, we may see the allied force get ready for battle.

The official release of the next Weekly Shonen Jump which also contains the upcoming chapter is on January 21st. So, we’re expecting to see an early raw scan leak of One Piece Chapter 930 by January 17 or 18.

As of writing, we still have to wait for more than 10 days before the release of the next chapter.

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