One piece manga 921 promises lots of excitement.

One piece was on break this week due to the fact that the creator Eichiro Oda would like to rest a bit which in many ways displeased fans because of the excitement the new chapter could bring.

The up coming chapter could tell us how the straw-hat alliance plans to take out kaido.

Kinemon revealed that he, Momonosuke, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku, and other retainers traveled to the future with the help of Lady Kozuki Toki’s devil fruit power.

Kinemon vowed to find comrades that can help them fulfill Oden’s dream to free their land from Kurozumi Orochi and Emperor Kaido and open the borders of the Wano Country.

I get super excited of what might go as luffy is looking excited to down with a yonkou without fear.

Remember Kinemon mentioned in previous chapter that its not wise to have a gorilla warfare against kaido as they dont have the numbers to fight kaido’s army head on.

He mentioned that fight a head on battle with kaido’s army would require about 5000 army.

This bring the thoughts of luffy grand fleet of fighters which is also about 5000, so the question is;

Are we finally going to see luffy’s grand fleet this arc?  Their captains such Sai, Cavendish and others. Or would we still wait a while.

We just will have to wait and see what Oda is going to pull out but personally I feel we will see luffy’s grand fleet.

They may come either to assist luffy take down kaido or after to protect luffy and the alliance from either Blackbeard or the admirals who will come to wano.