After the previous chapter, Fans can not hold the excitment as we all eagarly wait and look forward to One Piece 988 manga chapter, we shall be covering alot in regards one piece chapter 988 from Spoilers, release date, where you can read chapter 988, rumour and raw scans so stay with us. It’s really one of the bsst times for all one piece fans across the globe as we expect even a more action packed chapters from here on out.

Alot happened in the previous chapter (987) and you can expect much more thrills from One piece chapter 988. From what we know about the chapter editor Takano Ken in a live stream revealed that after reading the latest chapters he couldn’t help but to cry, He also said that it was the first time for him to shed tears since he became One Piece editor!OMG so what is One piece chapter 988 having in store for us?

Before we get on that and give you rumors we’ve heard and some predictions let’s have a recap on the previous chapter just to jug your memory incase you may have forgotten or missed some things.


Chapter 987 started off in a very dramatic way, we saw Kaido recalls one of he’s last memories of Oden where he was told not to underestimate the samurais.

With Ryou and other members of the Scabbards they where able to injure Kaido and knock him down to the floor leaving Kaido shocked as to how they where able to piece he’s skin and why the injury he got from Oden started to hurt again.

Yamato dashed to attack Kaido but Ulti prevented that and Bigmom made her apperance in front of Luffy. Kaido tried to pull a smart one on the Scabbards by telling them Luffy will betray and abandon them when he realizes that he could not win the battle but kinemon quickly shut him down saying Luffy was different and in time to come luffy will be a man who stands above the seas.

Big Mom then ask Luffy if he really thinks he could defeat Kadio which Luffy yelled it was an all out war!!. The chapter then came to a close when Kaido transforms into his dragon form and flies away with the Scabbards, taking his fight with them outside his castle at the summit of the Skull Dome and Nekomamushi sees a full moon and is about Transforming to he’s Tsulong state.

Chapter Summary

  • The Nine Red Scabbards manage to wound Kaido.
  • Hyogoro and the disguised samurai start fighting the Beasts Pirates.
  • Yamato engages Ulti in combat.
  • Nami and Carrot free themselves from Big Mom’s Homies.
  • Big Mom confronts Luffy again.
  • Marco and Perospero arrive at Onigashima together.
  • Kaido transforms into his dragon form and flies away with the Scabbards, taking his fight with them outside his castle at the summit of the Skull Dome.

So what do you think will happen in One Piece chapter 988?? Will Sabi and the Revolutionary army make appearance? Don’t forget Black Beard too and The Navy. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

One Piece 988 Release Date

One piece manga chapter 988 will be released officially on the 24th of August 2020. Raw scans and Spoilers will be arriving at a much earlier date so make sure you check back on us as we shall be dropping these leaks and spoilers as soon as we get them.

Where to read One Piece 988

You can read the latest chapters of one piece from official websites such as Mangaplus Shueisha or from Viz. We advice you read from official website and as well buy hard copies of these mangas so as to support the creators.

One piece 988
Luffy vs big mom 
luffy vs big mom

One piece 988 Rumors and Predictions

Now there are rumors circulating that the Marines or a new character will make an appearance in the next chapter. There are also rumors that Orochi may not be dead after all seeing he posses 7 heads which might be something like a 7 life thing where by not untill all the heads are cut before he can die but seeing as he wasn’t in he’s DF form and Kaido whobwe know uses Haki we’re not quite sure about this rumor.

Our prediction for the next chapter is that we expect to see a low level fights before we get to the Kadio vs the Scabbards or Luffy vs big mom. We expect to see the All Stars defeated before Jack, Queen and king. One thing i can promise everyone is that expect a shocking revelation/event in one piece 988.

That’s all we have for you right now. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section below and have a nice day


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