Hey friends, welcome back as today we shall be discussing One piece manga chapter 980. We will also be looking at possible spoilers, release date, where to read and also giving our predictions of what the future chapter might present to us.

So far I’m at the Edge of impatient and really waiting for the Luffy vs Kaido showdown to Begin. From the last 3 chapters several exciting events has turned up such Jimbe arriving, Kaido son being mentioned, The flying 6 Possibly challenging the Allstars and the big announcement Kaido plans to reveal.

Things should get more exciting from One Piece chapter 980 so stay tuned. Before we discuss One piece 980, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter and point out some info’s you probably may have missed.

One piece 979 Recap

Currently, Orochi is at a state of peace, because thanks to the information Kanjuro had been supplying him, he was able to coordinate the Red Scabbard’s movements and take action to prevent their attack on him, which would finally give him some peace at night.

Little did he actually know, was that the raid on Onigashima had already begun. As planned, Kine’mon and Denjiro were leading the Eastern and Southern troops respectively around the mountain while Law would bring the other Scabbards to the rear by sea.

As for Kanjuro, who had tied up Momonosuke, he reveals that this is his first time coming to Onigashima, so he never thought it would be so complex for him to navigate and therefore, he has yet to give his report to Orochi.

Futhermore, he is still seen as an enemy to the Beasts Pirates, as he had attacked some who had seen him. As Kanjuro wondered how he was going to deliver his report, Momonosuke notices a dagger on the ground.

Thanks to the disguises given, the Beasts Pirates are still unaware of the attack that has started. Franky notices that everyone had left but they would catch up in no time.

He brings out his Battle Franky’s as Jinbe states he remembers the vehicles from Fish-Man Island, though Franky says they are new models. He decides to ride Kurosai Fru-4 while giving Brachio Tank V to Chopper to command, much to his delight. Nami expresses relief that they can use it to advance safely and Carrot tells Chopper how cool he is for commanding the tank.

Franky asks where Luffy went, and Jinbe tells him that when Kid ran off on his own, Luffy wanted to stop them because they didn’t know about their plan. This causes Usopp, Chopper, Sanji, and Nami to yell at him that Luffy will definitely get spotted. Jinbe adds that Zoro ran off after Luffy so he would make sure he wouldn’t get spotted, but this gets the four worried that he will get lost. 

What you probably missed

  • Kanjuro is lost inside Onigashima.
    • Not all the Beasts Pirates are aware that he is Orochi’s spy.
  • The Straw Hat Pirates split after their infiltration.
    • Luffy and Zoro went on their own.
    • Usopp and Chopper are driving the Brachio Tank V with Nami and Sanji onboard.
      • They are accompanied by Carrot and Shinobu.
    • Franky and Brook are riding the Kurosai FR-U IV.
    • Robin and Jinbe are on foot, and are being observed by an unknown figure.
  • Another Headliner, Bao Huang, is introduced.
  • Who’s Who and Sasaki are former pirate captains.
  • Kaido tasks the Tobiroppo with finding his son, Yamato, and offers them an opportunity to challenge the All-Stars for their positions.
    • Kaido also plans to announce something important after he and Big Mom have properly confirmed their pirate alliance.

One Piece 980

Spoilers and Raw Scans?

The raw scans and official spoilers for one piece chapter 980 is not yet out and will be available to around 20th of May. You can follow me on Twitter @ Johsensei where I’ll be sharing these spoilers as soon they are out!

Release date

Due to recent spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, One Piece 980 will be on a one week break in other not endger staffs and workers. The chapter will be available to read on the 24th May 2020.

Where to read One Piece 980?

You can read One piece chapter 980 from Official websites Such as Viz or Shueisha Mangaplus. You can as well support creators buy buying hard copies when the are released

One Piece 980 Predictions

What will happen in one piece 980?

So guys I believe chapter 980 of one piece can go in two ways. Firstly I believe the chapter could kick off from the angered Luffy after he learnt that Soup and food where being thrown away while the nice people he’s come and love in Okobore town such as O- Tama where starving to death.

Much like most predictions of fans thinking that Luffy will cause trouble and hence thier infiltration might be hindered, I believe Oda may not take this route because he’s still building things up, most likely Luffy will be interupted by Usopp before making any trouble.

Secondly we probably May get to see Big Mom or her crew and also see the Flying Six may start searching for Kaido’s son. Chapter 980 and several other chapters ahead will most likely be a way of Eichiro Oda to develop the Arc before we get to see actual battle.

One thing I can say right now is I absolutely don’t believe Luffy and he’s allied force can take down Kaido and Bigmom along with thier crew. I believe and external help will arrive which could be the Revolutionary or Marco and the left of Whitebeard crew.

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That’s all we have now guys. Don’t forget your predictions below. Stay safe!


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