Hey guys great to have you back as we discuss previous chapter of one piece manga and as well give our prediction for the up coming chapter 972.

No doubt that the flash back is about to come to an end soon and the manga should continue from the present scene.

What did we learn from chapter 971?

Chapter 971 finally gave us the answers why members of The Nine Red Scabbards such as kanjuro, Kin’emon etc are alive even after their rebel against Kaido.

One piece manga
The Nine Red Scabbard

This was because Oden pleaded with kaido to free all those who will survive after an hour in a pot of boiling oil.

The people of Wano laughed at Oden calling him ‘Lord Idiot’ which made veteran kunoichi ‘Shinobu‘ who’s a friends to the Kozuki family angrily explained that all Oden did was for the people of wano and they will see that when he(Oden) dies.

One piece manga 972

The chapter came to end with Oden holding he’s comrade even been submerged in red hot boiling oil.

One piece manga 972 Spoilers and predictions

I feel these flashbacks should end in chapter 972 or next two chapters. In one piece manga 972 we should see how Oden died and what happened to the Scabbard, Toki and Momonoske.

I really hope we get to see how Kin’emon and Momonoske escaped and time travel to the present time.

It is likely kaido will want to inquire the location of Raftel from Oden but he will refuse to answer any of he’s questions.

No doubt more answers to our questions will be provided in chapter 972 of the one piece manga.

My question for you guys this week is how was Oden able to survive/withstand the hot oil? My guess is full body Haki, but I’ll love to know your Opinion too. What do you think??

leave your comments, suggestions and predictions below.


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