Great to have you with us again as we discuss one piece chapter 970. Flash backs aren’t one of my favorite but so far these flash backs have quite fun, entertaining and informative too.

I honestly have forgotten the arc we are and just loving these past events with Oden, Roger and others. And if you feel that way too then leave a comment below

Chapter is available online now and if you are yet to see it then I suggest you do by clicking here to avoid being spoiled.

Before we drop our prediction for One piece 970, we will like to have a recap on chapter 969.

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Chapter 969 started off just like we predicted last week from the confrontation between Oden and Orochi.

Before Oden could land a blow, Orochi was whisked away by an Old priest ‘Kurozumi Seminaru’ having Bari Bari Devil fruit which allowed him to create Barrier. The ability is now belongs to Bartolomeo presently.

In as much to everyone in Wano expectations of hearing the News that Orochi is dead and Oden was now the Shogun.

They Found Oden dancing in front of the palace few hours after dashing there. This made the people call Oden a fool and ridiculed him except he’s families and close allies.

Well I wouldn’t blame him for doing that after confronting Kaido!!.

5 years after the reign of Orochi, Oden decided to make a stand and reclaim what was rightfully hes after he learnt Hyogoro along with he’s men and wife where killed by kaido.

The chapter then Ended with Orochi forming a team made of he’s most trusted allies which was then called the 9 Scabbards.

One piece 970 spoilers
The 9 scabbards

One piece 970 spoilers

One piece chapter 970 should continue from where it stopped and show us how the Revolution went down.

There is a high probably that we may get a showdown between Kaido vs Oden in this chapter or the next 2 chapter.

Remember in chapter 953 Zoro got a new sword called ‘Enma’ and it was said that sword was the only sword that have been able to harm Kaido.

I believe we may get to see how Oden uses the Enma gave a scar to Kaido.

Release Date

One piece 970 should be released on the 1st of Feb if their are no breaks and spoilers should arrive a couple of days earlier.

Dont forget to leave your comments and prediction for chapter 970.


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