Most of our predictions for One piece chapter 967 was right on the spot. So far this chapter was one of the best back scene in the whole one piece series so far.

If you are yet to read the previous chapter we suggest you do by click here to avoid spoilers but if you don’t mind then let’s role.

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Chapter 967 gave the final adventures of Oden and Reyliegh. We got to learn a whole lot.

What we learnt:

  1. We learnt why Oden took Toki back to Wano.
  2. We saw Gol. D Roger and he’s crew journey to fishman island.
  3. It further explained that the weapon that can distroy the world actually is Poseidon who is reborn every 100 years and he’s reincarnate this time is the mermaid princess.
  4. We saw that Oden and Roger were able to hear the voice of the sea kings just like luffy did.
  5. The last but not least was how Roger discovered everything such as the void century, meaning of D as well as the ancient weapons. We also know how the name of the last island ‘Raftel’ came about.

At the end of the chapter, we learnt that Raftel was name by Roger and was original called ‘Laugh Tale’.

One piece 968 Spoilers and discussions

Before we give our predictions this week there’s something I’d to point your eyes to WHAT YOU PROBABLY MISSED which is the word used After Roger found ‘Raftel’ .

The word ‘Treasure’ was used meaning something singular and not Treasures and this could mean that what’s in Raftel isn’t Gold or Jewelries like most pirate may think.

One piece 968 spoilers

I believe it is something else. So I’d like to leave a question for you guys what do think is the Treasure?? Leave a comment below.

My predictions for chapter 968 is that we may get to see how the Roger pirates crew came to an End, and how the crew members Such as Rayleigh left.

And also how Roger got Arrested by the Navy. We may also see Oden either meeting up with Whitebeard or going back to Wano.

One piece manga 967 release date

The next chapter of One Piece won’t be out anytime soon, unfortunately. This likely because of the ongoing holidays.

The release date for One Piece Chapter 968 is January 19, 2020. The scans for One Piece Chapter 968 will, however, likely drop early, by January 15, 2020.

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  1. We might witness Roger’s execution. Roger pirates will disband. Oden returning back to Wano to witness Kaido, his crew, and Orochi as shogun.


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