Hey guys , we will be discussing about the recent manga episode that is One piece manga 946.

In case you have not seen this episode yet I suggest to avoid spoiler because we will be discussing this episode .

Now discussing this, we saw how big mom took down Queen with just 3 punches which surprised the whole kaido Hench men including luffy and all that where present there.

Luffy Taking on Big mom

After big mom defeated Queen, she went on to eat only to find out it was Empty and luffy foolishly saying the meal was yummy making big mom think luffy ate all of it.

Angry big mom takes on luffy with anger but luffy pleading that if they are pushed out of the ring thier collar would explode.

Before big mom dealt a huge blow, luffy Grand the old man with him and jumped out of the ring, Instinctively using haki with the training he has had , he pulled off the collets which surprised everyone .

It ended with the old man saying to luffy to master he’s training in combat with big mom.

I personally can’t wait for next week chapter, how will luffy handle big mom? How powerful is he’s haki now and don’t forget about Law who is about to battle Hawkins and Zoro And Law, and also the mysterious prisoner who’s probably escaped.

Please drop your thoughts below on one piece 946 let’s discuss, we would love to hear what you think!

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