Hello One Piece fans across the globe, glad to have you with us again as we discuss likely events that could occur in the upcoming one piece chapter 1003 and beyond.

We will be reviewing possible spoilers and as well as discuss the various events that has transpired till now and how the manga may proceed so stay with us.

Chapter 1002 of One piece manga gave us quite a thrill and with the way author Oda is going its only going to get better and better. Although some fans have been raising questions to some scenes which “may” seem illogical. for example in the previous chapter we saw how was Killer able to hurt kaido after which it was confirmed that only a handful of people can pull such feats.

Another questions would be why wasn’t the The Nine Red Scabbards which included Inuarashi and Nekomamushi and the rest of the mink tribe in Tsulong form was not able to at least inflict a more serious damage to kaido? What are your thoughts on this guys?? please leave your comment in the comment section below.

How ever i fell thing should get more interesting in the next couple of chapters. So what will happen in One piece 1003?

From what we have gathered, One piecce chapter 1003 will explore other characters, hence we may be seeing a panel shift from the Yonkos vs the Supernovas.

We may see how well the straw hats pirates are holding up against the beast pirates and as well know the fate of zoro and killer after they took a direct hit from the Yonko BigMom.

Luckily fans will not have to wait longer because there will be no break hence chapter 1003 of one piece will be arriving on the 7th of February on official websites such as shueisha mangaplus. Thats all we have for you guys for now, thank you for reading and see you next week.


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