Hey guys, in this article today we are going to be discussing two famous Manga characters which is Kaido and Naruto. We are going to be comparing these two characters in every scenerio and finally giving our answer on who will win Ina Kaido vs Naruto.

Kaido vs Naruto

So before we will announce our winner, let’s first have a brief Break down on these two characters.


Who is Kaido? For those who might not know who Kaido is. Kaido is a major Protagonist from the Manga One Piece which is still ongoing by the time or writing this article and created by Eichiro Oda.

Kaido vs Naruto

Renowned as the “Strongest Creature in the World“, Hundred Beast Kaido which he is popularly called is the Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates and one of the Yonko ruling over the Seas.


Kaido is a tanned, seemingly middle-aged man, he has an extremely broad, well-muscled torso with wide-set shoulders attaching to strong, thick arms, and legs that are somewhat out of proportion; far less heavily built than his arms yet about the same length.

He has a massive pair of gray, sharp-pointed horns which come out of its sides, curving slightly to the front, then upward. He also has the ability to transform into a full sized Dragon with almost what you might call an indestructible skin


Kaido is legendary for his supreme physical power as the strongest beast in the world. Kaido also possesses nigh-indestructible durability. Kaido has the reputation of being unable to die.

He has been caught and tortured 18 times, and people as powerful as the Marines and other Yonko have attempted to execute him 40 times, only to fail as Kaido survived every single attempt because every single execution weapon broke when being used on him.


  • kaido is capable of swinging his kanabo hard enough to send a normal-sized person flying into the distance in one blow.
  • Kaido singlehandedly crushed the massive armies of samurais 
  • Kaido has jumped from 10,000 meters from the sky onto the ground, creating a massive shockwave strong enough to sink a large ship nearby, and emerged only with a headache; it has even become a hobby for him to attempt suicide, only for it to fail.
  • Kaido can release a massive heat blast from his mouth towards a target. It can travel very quickly and is extremely powerful, being capable of instantly decimating large structures.

Weakness and Drawbacks

kaido has almost no weakness whatsoever but there are Theories that he could and can be weakened by the Sea which is a common weakness by anyone who has the power of a devil fruit but this Hypothesis has yet to be proven.

I’m sure for those of you who probably don’t have idea on Kaido will have some now. So before looking down to our own winner, drop yours in the comments section on who takes the belt in a Kaido vs Naruto duel. Next on let’s have a look on Naruto


If you’re a manga Fan and you don’t know Naruto hmmmm well, let me leave it at that. Well Naruto is the Protagonists of the Manga “Naruto Shippuden” it is written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto vs Kaido

Naruto is Currently the leader of he’s village Konoha and is one of the major strongest Manga characters of all time with numerous abilities at he’s disposal from super strength to super speed and a lot others.

Appearance & Personality

Naruto is relatively naive, simple, and slow to understand principles or situations. He often requires an oversimplified analogy in order to grasp explanations.

Naruto favourite dress is an Orange Sweather like jacket and pants mixed with white and little bit of Blue collar and pants having same color.

Growing up as an orphan who suffered years of hatred and social isolation by Konoha’s villagers has influenced Naruto’s character in a number of ways.


Naruto has numerous abilities Such as super speed, high sensitivity, super strength, Teleportation and also has the ability of manipulation of natural energy, hand combat and a good level of sword wielding.

Also as a reincarnation of Asura Ōtsutsuki, Naruto has massive reserves of strong chakra and this means he can go on fighting for a very long time. He also posses a level of regeneration.


  • After gaining the Six Paths Senjutsu, Naruto can utilise all basic five nature transformations, as well as Yin–Yang Release which enables him to fly also
  • After gaining chakra from the respective tailed beasts, Naruto can use and manipulate those powers as he’s own
  • As a Sage, Naruto can manipulate natural energy as well as combined this energy with he’s already chakra mode.
  • During a brawl against the Raikage, Naruto was able to Dodge a punch from the Raikage who was considered the fastest shinobi in the world.

These are among the numerous abilities Naruto posses and one might consider and even agree that Naruto will win in a battle against Kaido but let’s take a look

Weaknesses and Drawbacks

One major weakness or drawback Naruto has is chakra

Kaido vs Naruto

Okay we have seen what each of these characters posses so who will come out victorious?

Kaido vs Naruto
kaido vs Naruto

Without further adue, in a Kaido vs Naruto I’d give this one to Naruto. Why?

  1. Naruto has given us more feats
  2. Naruto is faster
  3. Although Kaido has been portrayed to have great strength and poses high level of stamina and durability, Naruto can certainly hold he’s own especially during he’s Sage and Tailed beast mode
  4. We all know how cunning Naruto can be in a battle, it’s possible for Naruto to find a way to take down kaido
  5. With the abilities he got from the Sage of six paths such as the Truth Seeker Orb. Naruto has a fairly large level of defense
  6. With nature energy enhancing he’s every attack, Naruto can land power punches that might Equal that inbuede with Haki

The battle definitely will not be an easy one for Naruto and there are high chance he may loose going against Kaido. One major challenge Naruto will face is Kaido immense physical raw strength, durability and stamina.

Please note that this is a personal predictions and analysis. If you have contrary to this please drop your opinion at the comments section below.

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